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Artistic Statement: 

My love of photography over the past 20 years has taken me down many paths. These are the things I have learned and enjoy as an artist.


Meeting new people is fun.
    I enjoy getting to know people and finding a creative way to show a peak of their personality in their portraits. I photograph people in their environments because it shows who they are, where they have been, or where they hope to go. I strive to show a few steps of their life’s path in each photo. My photography evokes the passage of time.



Nature is amazing.
    Using a macro lens to take photos of the intricacies of flowers and butterflies excites me.  God created so many amazing and beautiful details in our world. The colors and textures are ultimately unlimited. I enjoy snapping photographs that give a glimpse of a hidden world we don't normally notice.



Light is important. Period.


Everything changes.

     My photographs capture a moment in time, and a step along a life path.



I have done my job as an artist if someone looks at one of my photographs and can see something more than the photo itself. Phil 2:4

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